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I'm still recovering, but finally there is hope and a light at
the end of the tunnel.

I have been using a mixture of Scn and Science of Mind (SofM)
tech (The Church of Religious Science) and getting real world

It has been rough and slow, but that anything could break the
hell I was trapped in is incredible.

The Scientology tech is limited in that it is almost all negative
gain. A Scientology OT could not make a postulate stick if
his life depended on it. I certainly couldn't, and I was as
good at it as anybody I know in the subject.

And of course sometimes I did make a postulate stick (including
wild things that violated physical universe laws), but it
was never something I could count on, so that when the ability
was needed instead of just being a "would be nice", it failed.

The SofM tech, on the other hand, is exceptionally good at
putting postulates out there and getting real world manifestations.
Except that they are clueless about running out case charge
and they often fail because charge goes into restim. Often
there are instantaneous real world results, but not quite
what one was mocking up.

One of their simplest actions is to use positive affirmations.
These things do work. LRH used affirmation tech endlessly
during his youth, as the critics have been quick to point out.

But the flaw is that you can sometimes restimulate the negative
and get a ridge and keyin charge instead of getting the
positive manifestation that you are affirming for.

This flaw is recognized in early (1952-4) Scientology and
therefor any kind of positive thinking or affirming was rejected
as an unworkable tech.

That was a big mistake. Repetative affirmation done well is
repeatative postulation and it sinks into the inaccessible
area (the "subconscious") and spreads out into the manifestation
of reality. There are endless examples of affirmation tech
working, and actually even without any processing, it seems to
work more often than the times it fails and keys in charge.

But you do have to keep your eye out for the negative going
into compulsive create and handle it if it does. One of the
simplest tricks is just to alternate the positive and the
negative until the ridge blows and then switch back to the
positive affirmation.

For example, somebody thinks that they are stupid, or maybe
really is stupid. So they begin to affirm that they are smart.
This will help, and it will make it easier for them to study
things and is actually a very benifical action. Except that
whenever they start going "I am smart" repetatively, they
begin to think of all the reasons why they are really stupid
and key in charge and start invalidating themselves and spinning.

So then they should alternately get the idea of being smart and
being stupid, or really mockup being each of those alternately,
until something releases. Maybe old pictures or whatever will
come up along the way or maybe the ridge will just blow. That
is oldtime Scientology processing at its best.

Then they might have a nice FN on smart/stupid and the Scientology
mistake would be to stop there because you will get an overrun
if you continue processing smart/stupid after the ridge blows.

The right action would be to start repetatively postulating
being smart again once the smart/stupid ridge has FNed and blown.

Blowing the charge takes you from minus up to zero in an
area. Next you should begin to postulate the positive aspect.

That is the difference between being cleared in an area (no
more charge) and being OT (able to operate in the area).

In practice you may have to switch back and forth a number of
times on an area. The technique would be to simply begin
operating in an area by postulate, using repetative affirmations
to beef them up, and when ever charge turns on you run it out
and then get back to the positive postulation. And note that
you might have to handle charge dozens of times in an area before
you can actually operate in that area without restimulation.


Another very important item is the SofM concept of God, which
is pretty much the same as Scientology Axiom One (life is basically
a static). Except that SofM considers it an active force rather
than putting it back at the start of track.

SofM considers that "God" is a universal mind of which we
are all a part, and that we are co-creators with God and
that "God" is basically a static.

They recognize that there is this one thing that they call
God which is universal and includes everything and then they
get the idea of being one with it and visualizing what they
want to have from that viewpoint, and they see it as already
done in present time and then acknowledge that it is done
and let go of it.

The idea is that since we all are this one that is God
which Scientologists might call the basic life static, we
are, each of us, capable of being God and thinking for
God and placing our thoughts within that senior oneness
to be brought about by the normal mechanics of the creation
of reality.

This does seem to work.

When it fails, they blame it on hidden emotional conflicts
etc. which are causing the surface thought that one is
visualizing to be opposed subconsiously and so forth.

In other words, it fails due to case charge and hidden
counter postulates.

With Scn, we have powerful tech for running out the case
charge. With SofM, we have a better technique for pushing
a postulate into the agreed upon reality. The workable
action would be to mix the two.

I have occasionally had a postulate stick and fantastic
things happen during my involvement with Scientology.
With hindsight, I can say that everytime that worked,
I was postulating from a higher viewpoint and feeling
the interconnection between beings rather than making
the postulate from inside my skull.

Much of Earnest Holme's writings on Science of Mind are
from the 1920s and 30s. They predate Scientology.
A great deal of the 1952-4 Scientology ideas actually
trace back to SofM although this influence was never

I'm still looking into this.


It should be obvious to anyone whose done Scn's upper
levels that implants etc. will tend to get in the way
of any positive affirmation tech. It should also be
obvious that the upper levels didn't give one a clue
about how to really make a postulate stick. You really
need both.

This means that the only way out is by mixing practices.

And so the existance of advanced orgs like FZAO which
will do a good job delivering LRH tech without attacking
you for also working with other tech, like SofM, is
absolutely essential.

And of course the Self Clearing book that I wrote is
the best solo bridge that I know of, so you can work
with that too. It's free and you just have to roll up
your sleeves and do it.

Put all these things together, stir well, and maybe we
really can all make it.

Good Luck,

Ken Ogger
formerly The Pilot

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