Geschichtliche Entwicklung der Brücken - Gradkarte

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HCO PL 26.11.63 Classification Chart Issue One 1965

HCOPL 5.5.65 I Anlage


per "Scn 0-8"

Febr. 1975, per "Scientology 0-8" 1976
(aus "Scientology 0-8")
(aus e. OT-Promo)
("What is Scientology")
Die Brücke zur völligen Freiheit
(aus "Scientology 0-8")
  Lectures on Human Misery   Gruppen Processing Gruppen Processing     Group Processing (-4 Veränderung brauchen) HAS Ko-Auditing  
  Lectures on the Inadequacies of the civilization   Life Repair Life Repair     HAS-Coaudit (-3 Verlangen nach Verbesserung) Gruppen Prozessing Gruppen Prozessing
  Assists, Lect. On Scn possibilities   Drug RD (DN) Drug RD (DN)     Livingness Repair (-2 Hoffnung Lebensreparatur Lebensreparatur
  Assists, active advices on the use of Scn in life   Expanded ARC Straightwire Expanded ARC Straightwire     NED Objectives Reinigungs RD Reinigungs RD
Level 0 Listen Style - HAS Level 0 Valence Proc., CLEAR: Ability to be at cause over mental matter, Dianetic Case Completion Dianetic Case Completion     NED Drug RD Objektive Prozesse Objektive Prozesse
Level 1 Listen Style - Assists, R-1-C, elementary Comm processes energy, space and time as regards the         NED Case Completion (-1)Hilfe Scn-Drogen RD Scn-Drogen RD
Principles of ARC, Dynamics HAS-Classed Level 1 Locational, Communication processes First Dynamic (survival for self). Expanded Grad 0 Expanded Grad 0     ARC Straightwire + Epanded Erweitertes ARC Straightwire Erweitertes ARC Straightwire
Level 2 Repetitive Processes, CCHs, Straight Wire Level 2 Case Remedies, ARC-processes, OT I: Extroverts a being and brings about Expanded Grad 1 Expanded Grad 1     Grad 0, Expanded Grad 0 Expanded Grad 0 (Quad) Expanded Grad 0 (Quad)
Tone 40 and Formal Auditing, Axioms O/W Mimicry (CCHs) an awareness of himself as a thetan in Expanded Grad 2 Expanded Grad 2     Grad 1, Expanded Grad 1 Expanded Grad 1 (Quad) Expanded Grad 1 (Quad)
HCA Level 3 Dating on meter, solution on physical relation to others and the physical universe. Expanded Grad 3 Expanded Grad 3     Grad 2, Expanded Grad 2 Expanded Grad 2 (Quad) Expanded Grad 2 (Quad)
Level 3 Prepchecking, Metered Processes, probs, Auditing by list, Overts-Justifications OT II: Rehabilition of intention: ability to project Expanded Grad 4 Expanded Grad 4     Grad 3, Expanded Grad 3 Expanded Grad 3 (Quad) Expanded Grad 3 (Quad)
Assessing, Old R2 and R2H HPA Level 4 Rising Scale, Effort Processing, R-4-H intention.[This was in error. That was Expanded Dianetics Completion Expanded Dianetics Completion     Grad 4, Expanded Grad 4 Expanded Grad 4 (Quad) Expanded Grad 4 (Quad)
Level 4 Service Facsimilies, ARC-X Assessments Cause-and-Effect Processes actually the OT 7 level, which was left Grad 5 (Power Release) Grad 5 (Power Release)     Expanded Dianetics Completion   NED Drogen RD
Programming, Missed W/Hs HCS Level 5 Whole Track, Engrams, Secondaries blank. This section should have read Grad 5A (Power Plus Release) Grad 5A (Power Plus Release)     Grad 5 (Power Release) NED Fallabschluß NED Fallabschluß
Level 5 Implants, Engrams, Whole Track HAA Level 6 R-6 Processes, Solo "Ability to confront the whole track."] Solo Setups, Solo Auditor, Solo Setups, Solo Auditor,     Grad 5A (Power Plus Release) Clear Clear
Whole Track Case Analysis Level 7 Power Processes on Lower Level Cases OT III: Return of full self determinism; Grad 6 (Whole Track Release) Grad 6 (Whole Track Release)     Solo Setups, Solo Auditor, Sunshine RD Grad 5 (Power Release)
Level 6 OT Processes, Own GPMs HSS   freedom from overwhelm. Clear Clear     Grad 6 (Whole Track Release) Solo-Auditor-Kurs Teil 1 Grad 5A (Power Plus Release)
Old R3 and R4 Processes   OT IV: Certainty of self as a being.     oder Clear OT-Vorbereitungen Grad 6 (Whole Track Release)
Level 7 Old Route Oone and other drills HGA   OT V: Re-familiarizes a thetan exterior with OT 1 OT 1 OT 1 OT 1 OT 1 Solo-Auditor-Kurs Teil 2 Clearing Course
    the physical universe; freedom from OT 2 OT 2 OT 2 OT 2 OT 2 Eignungsüberprüfung f.d. Zugang zu OT --------alternative Clear-Route----
    fixated introversion into MEST. OT 3 OT 3 OT 3 OT 3 OT 3   Clear
    OT VI: Ability to operate freely as a thetan OT 4 OT 4 OT 7 OT 4 Neues OT 5 (auditiertes NED für OTs)   Sunshine RD
    exterior and to act pan-determinedly; extends OT 5 OT 5 OT 3X OT 5 OT 7 Prozesse Neues OT 1 Neues OT 1
    the influence of the thetan to the universe of others. OT 6 OT 6 OT 4 OT 6 OT 3 Exp OT 2 OT 2
    OT VII: (left blank) OT 7 OT 7 OT 5 OT 7 OT 4 OT 3 OT 3
    OT VIII: ABILITY TO BE AT CAUSE KNOW- OT VIII and above (not yet released)   OT 6 OT 3X OT 5 Neues OT 4 (OT Drug RD) Neues OT 4 (OT Drug RD)
    INGLY AND AT WILL OVER THOUGHT, "There are perhaps 15 levels above OT VII fully       OT 6 Neues OT 5 (auditiertes NOTs) Neues OT 5 (auditiertes NOTs)
    LIFE, FORM, MATTER, ENERGY, SPACE developed but existing only in unisssued note form,       OT 7 Neues OT 6 (Solo-NOTs-Kurs) Neues OT 6 (Solo-NOTs-Kurs)
    AND TIME, SUBJECTIVE AND OBJECTIVE. pending more people's full attainment of OT VI and VII" LRH         Neues OT 7 (Solo-NOTs) Neues OT 7 (Solo-NOTs)

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